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solve_you's Journal

Solve You: Cop Show Prompts
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Welcome to Solve You! We're a fairly low-key prompt writing community for all things cop show related. We welcome multiples of muses, OCs, and characters associated with crime dramas (MEs, defense lawyers/ADAs). We don't have many rules, but there are a few.

+ Place fics longer than 150 words under a cut
+ Tag your post with your muse, # of words, and fandom
+ Put the prompt number in the title or in the footer tag
+ Tag your post with your appropriate community tags
+ Have fun!

+ Start drama. Leave that to the Real Housewives
+ Click join without submitting an application
+ Worry about word counts and activity requirements -- we just want 100 words every two months. Easy, right?
The celebrities and respective networks are in no way affiliated with these journals. These journals are used for creative writing purposes and are not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.

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